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Theodore Edgecomb

Theodore Edgecomb is facing life in prison for defending himself while Kyle Rittenhouse walks free! We must demand the release of Theodore immediately. On September 22nd, 2020, Theodore Edgecomb, a Black man, was riding his bike to get food for his daughter from Thainamite. Jason Cleereman, a white man, and his wife were driving while intoxicated and started an altercation with Theodore. After being called a racial slur and being targeted with a vehicle, Theodore rightfully hit Jason Cleereman in the face. Edgecomb continued to ride his bike down the street, taking a right on Holton. As he was taking a right, Jason Cleereman's wife attempted to ram their car into Edgecomb as he was riding his bike, to the extent that Edgecomb had to ride up on the sidewalk to avoid being hit. Jason Cleereman gets out of his car to threaten and corner Edgecomb. Edgecomb defended himself from Cleereman by shooting him once. It was revealed that Cleereman had a knife in his pocket that he was reaching for. The media would love to have us believe that Edgecomb was a deranged Black man that decided to kill a stranger for no reason. The reality is that Theodore saw what happened to Black men like Ahmaud Arbery, or Black boys like Trayvon Martin. Theodore decided he wasn't going to be a victim and rightfully so. Jason Cleereman on the other hand sees himself in people like Rittenhouse or Zimmerman, as a person able to bring harm to Black people with no repercussions, or so he thought. Justice for Theo! Petition Link!

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