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School Boards fighting for Free Speech

Yes and don't forget these same people that are pro-Desantis accuse school board leaders and their state Department of Education of "Indoctrination" because the school board members and Textbook companies had to include a requirement showing that racism, anti-LGBT and Sexism propaganda is connected to History. But somehow these same pro-Desantis people think watching Tucker Carlson and going to a campaign rant show with Trump and Desantis is not Indoctrination it's called "Free Speech" bull crap. This is Desantis making sure that his supporters does not know or deny the historical record that "Black Lives Matter" became a national movement in Florida initially in response to Trayvon Martins death. The problem here is that School Board member who is standing for Civil Rights along with Textbook companies will get censured or get sued by conservative groups for doing the right thing. I wish she does not get censured and censored but that will happen anyway. During meetings, school boards should just play the audio of the death threats they receive from parents. They should openly call them out to their communities. They need to tell these fascists that they're not scared. There's a battle between two different concepts of life right now. One is a group that thinks their way is the only way, and that forcing people into their version of "freedom" is what freedom actually is. There's another group that wants to let people find their own way, whatever that is. The first group can't tolerate the existence of the second group, because its existence exposes the hypocrisy of the first group's beliefs. The second group can't tolerate the first group, because it is proving to be a literal existential threat to anyone who won't agree to be subjugated by the first group. Congratulations to this school board member for showing there are still compassionate and intelligent people out there who are willing to defend their students. My guess would be that the safe space she is defending probably has kept the child of at least one person who is threatening her alive. I would also suggest that any parent who is thinking about condemning people at a school board meeting make sure they don't have skeletons in their closet. Your children know more about you than you think. They may not understand what they are telling school staff about you, but the school staff knows what you are doing Also the issue over CRT in History came from California for K-12 and Colleges initially.

The Origins of CRT Conspiracy theories are from California over its Ethnic Studies requirementsUS News!

California State University policy on Ethnic StudiesOfficial Statement!

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