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Pardon Ivan Garcia Oliver

Ivan Garcia Oliver did what any Samaritan would do, defend their family. Even though it was years later, you can never erase the pain of sexual abuse. got what was coming to him. He should have been in prison! Instead, justice found him in the form of "slutshaming the hero". All undersign ask that the State of California find their heart to grant this person a full pardon! Ivan Garcia Oliver was preventing future harassment and abuse from happening in his Neighborhood. Here is the lead in The Lakeport man”s conviction for using information from the Megan”s Law website to commit felonies against someone listed on the online registry was a first in the state, according to the California Attorney General”s Office. Chief deputy district attorney Richard Hinchcliff, who prosecuted the case, said state officials could be forced to remove the website if similar incidents occur. “If there”s vigilantism and retaliation based upon what people find on the Megan”s Law website, then the people are going to lose the Megan”s Law website, which is a valuable tool for parents to keep track of where some of the potential sex offenders are,” he said. The victim, Michael A. Dodele, was a convicted rapist whose crimes were against women, not children. He was released from prison more than a month before his death, having served roughly two decades for a sexual assault in Sonoma County. In addition to first-degree murder, a jury of 12 Lake County residents found Oliver guilty of first-degree burglary in connection with the Nov. 20, 2007 death of Dodele, 67. The two men were neighbors in a Lakeport trailer park. Jurors deliberated for parts of two days before reaching their verdict Aug. 16. Testimony in the trial lasted seven days. Oliver took the stand in his own defense and told the jury he killed Dodele in self-defense. Hinchcliff argued it was premeditated murder when Oliver stabbed Dodele 65 times after mistaking the neighbor for a child molester by misunderstanding information from the Megan”s Law website. Judge Arthur H. Mann, who presided over the trial, conducted the sentencing hearing Wednesday. Dodele”s daughter and sister read statements to the court before the judge announced the prison term. Oliver, who did not speak prior to the sentencing, received a base term of 25 years to life for the murder conviction. The judge added six years because of the special allegations associated with weapon use and the Megan”s Law information. Mann enhanced the sentence another year because Oliver admitted serving a prior prison term. The judge stayed any prison time for the burglary conviction and the special allegations associated with it. “As far as we were concerned, he entered the residence with the intent to commit the murder, and then he committed the murder. So the law basically says that he shouldn”t be sentenced twice for the same intent,” Hinchcliff said.

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