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Free Robert Maudsley

Robert Maudsley has spent the past 36 years in a glass box. With only 1 hour a day for exercise and no contact with other people. His crime? Killing peaodophiles and murderers. This is a man who has been deemed too dangerous to be allowed to mix with follow inmates because he has done what most of us don't have the courage to do. Protect our most vulnerable against real monsters who would defile them. Here is a list of his victims, the first bragged to Robert about children he had sexual abused, the rest happened in jail. John Farrell, age 30, on 14 March 1974. David Francis, age 26, on 26 February 1977. Francis was a convicted child molester, sentenced to Broadmoor. Salney Darwood, age 46, on 29 July 1978. At the time of his death, Darwood was serving life for the manslaughter of his wife Blanche. William Roberts, age 56, on 29 July 1978. At the time of his death, Roberts was serving 7 years for sexual assault of a seven-year-old girl. (information taken from Wikipedia as of Fed2020). We the under signed demand Robert Maudsley be released from his inhumane cage and placed in a Mental health institution for assessment and helped to come to terms with his own terrible experiences. We wouldn't stand by while an animal was treated this way. #FREEROBERTMAUDSLEY link Link!

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