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Jean Pierre Orlewicz and Alex Letkemann needs to be Free

The events leading to Daniel Sorenson's death and the conviction of Jean Pierre “JP” Orlewicz were tragic for all involved. There is no doubt that everyone connected to this case has been irreparably affected by what occurred on November 7, 2007. However, until now, only one version of the story has ever been publicly told. The purpose of this site is to tell the full and true story of what happened. JP in 2006 (Age 16) Dan Sorenson in 2006 (Age 25) Immediately following JP's arrest, the Wayne County Prosecutor held a large press conference at which she described Mr. Sorenson's death as a “Thrill Kill.” The prosecutor's statement was not supported by facts or evidence, but it set off a media firestorm, resulting in widespread inaccuracies and falsehoods about the case. Since then, that false headline has dominated the media coverage and the public has been denied access to the truth. Below, we lay out the actual events that took place preceding Mr. Sorenson's death and JP's arrest in connection with it. JP is introduced to Daniel Sorenson In the early spring of 2006, JP had just turned 16 and was a sophomore at Canton High School. At that same time, Daniel Sorenson was 25 years old-- nine years older than JP. However, when JP was introduced to Daniel Sorenson by a friend from school, Sorenson said that he was only 19 to conceal the oddity of a man of his age hanging around with teenage boys (see Sorenson's MySpace below). Dan Sorenson's MySpace Page (2007) stating that he is 19-years-old when he is actually 25 Mr. Sorenson had no familial connection to JP or any of JP's friends, but somehow managed to develop a relationship them, as well as with a number of other high school boys in the area. He referred to these boys as his “little cousins,” and used his authority to manipulate and intimidate them, as well as to prey on others within their circles of friends. Importantly, this was not the first time Sorenson was caught having inappropriate relationships with minors. Below is a copy of a 2006 arrest warrant for Sorenson's failure to register as a sex offender after being convicted of statutory rape in Illinois. Sorenson was a known felon and was wanted by police in multiple states at the time of his death. Sorensen's Arrest Warrant for Failing to Register as a Sex Offender Sorenson's pattern of violence Around the time that Sorenson stopped reporting his whereabouts to police as a sex offender, he had also become the subject of numerous separate complaints involving manipulation, intimidation, threats of harm against men, women, and children, committing physical acts violence, and stalking. Several of these complaints resulted in court-ordered Personal Protection Orders (PPOs) by various victims: Daniel Sorenson Personal Protection Order 07-712818 Daniel Sorenson Personal Protection Order 02-222182 Daniel Sorenson Personal Protection Order 07900000113 The testimony of Sorenson's victims includes: “Daniel called and said he was going to kill her and her son… He will get her son at school while she is walking the dog.” Plymouth Township Police Department; Case No. 0790000113 *** ”Every girl that’s ever rejected him... he’s got a big, giant list of all these women, describing how he’s going to kill them -- and rape them… He’s totally out of his mind.” Personal Protection Order 07-712818 *** “He told me that I knew better than to threaten him with the cops- that he would snap my neck if I went to the cops… He said that now I was going to die.” Personal Protection Order 02-222182 These records are not even exhaustive-- there are other victims who never came forward to report what Sorenson had done to them. However, these public records alone establish a menacing pattern of behavior and shed light onto Sorenson’s true nature. If Sorenson was capable of making even grown men and women this fearful, what effect do you think he might have had on a teenager? Sorenson stalks JP Over the next several months, Sorenson became persistent in pursuing a relationship with JP, similar to how he had relentlessly pursued others. Despite JP's efforts to evade Sorenson, Sorenson was inescapable. He began stalking JP after school, waiting in the school parking lot, along the road to JP's home, and even outside of JP's grandfather's house, where JP often visited. This persistence resulted in a forced relationship that JP could not wrangle out of. Sorenson was careful to avoid coming into contact with JP’s parents or other authority figures when he was with JP or JP’s friends. Whenever JP’s parents were planning to drop him off at the movies or the mall, Sorenson was adamant about avoiding being seen. As Sorenson continued to latch onto JP, he was able to bring his influence to bear. He used his greater age and intimidating nature to play on JP's impressionability. Sorenson encouraged JP and other kids to do drugs with him and go on "walks" in the woods. He tried to coerce JP into helping him commit crimes and bragged about his ability to intimidate and control others. Fortunately, JP never aided Sorenson in harming anyone, which included Sorenson’s plan to rob intoxicated people leaving bars and other vulnerable people he had “marked.” JP became increasingly wary of Sorenson’s behavior and the things that he was saying. Sorenson talked about raping young girls and wanted JP to solicit them so that he could swoop in. He carried a hit-list of girls who rejected him and talked about killing anyone who crossed him, including JP and his friends. Sorenson claimed that he had already murdered a black man in Detroit and burned down his house. He showed JP his guns and other weapons and bragged about crimes he had committed and his gang affiliations. Sorenson’s behavior became increasingly bizarre and caused JP to become distraught and even more intent on trying to avoid him. However, Sorenson was incredibly persistent. On several occasions, Sorenson waited for JP to leave Canton High School and followed him in his truck to a place where he could approach him. One such place included JP's grandfather's house-- the same place where Sorenson would later die carrying out a failed extortion plot. When JP finally confronted Sorenson about not contacting him anymore, Sorenson became irate. Like Sorenson's other victims also described, Sorenson threatened to kill JP, his family, his grandfather, and even JP’s girlfriend. JP knew Sorenson and had no reason to doubt him, but did not know what to do or who to turn to for help. Not long after this confrontation occurred, Sorenson learned that one of JP’s friends had inherited a large sum of money. According to one of the prosecutor's own witnesses, Sorenson planned "pull a job" and go after JP's friend's money. An extortion plot begins to materialize Knowing that JP’s friend had inherited several thousand dollars, Sorenson’s extortion plot began to materialize. As Sorenson himself described it, the plan would consist of JP inviting his friend to JP's grandfather's house. Once there, Sorenson would wait until JP’s friend entered the garage, whereupon Sorenson would hold a gun to his head and threaten to kill him unless he produced the money. The garage was staged with a tarp and a blow torch to intimidate JP's friend into complying. In retrospect, the plan itself seems hard to imagine, but at trial, the prosecutor’s own witness testified that Sorenson told him that if JP’s friend didn't comply with the demand, “Sorenson was going to shove a plunger up his ass.” Trial Transcript of Prosecution Witness Describing Sorenson's Intimidation Plot On Tuesday, November 6, 2007, the first day Sorenson's plan was to be carried out, JP was unable to get his friend to come over. Upon learning of this, Sorenson became enraged and threatened JP and JP’s co-defendant. Sorenson then instructed JP that they would need to try again the following day, Wednesday, November 7th. When that day came, Sorenson arrived at the house as planned, carrying his .38 special revolver and dressed as a “hit man” in an all black suit and leather jacket. Sorenson, along with JP and JP’s co-defendant entered the garage to rehearse the plan. The plot breaks down, leading to Sorenson's death Once satisfied with the plan, Sorenson again instructed JP to call his friend to the house. During the call, JP became anxious and determined that he did not want Sorenson to rob his friend. However, when Sorenson realized that JP was not going to follow-through, he went berserk and pointed his gun at JP and JP's co-defendant, threatening to kill them right there. JP grabbed for a small, household paring knife sitting among other clutter on his grandfather’s work bench. And, after a struggle, JP stabbed Sorenson to death. The autopsy concluded that Sorenson died from two stab wounds to the chest around 4:00 PM in the afternoon while JP's grandfather was inside the house watching TV. The reality of what had just taken place quickly led to fear and panic. JP was fearful of retaliation by Sorenson's associates and afraid to deal with the fallout of what just occurred. Attempting to explain the situation-- Sorenson's dead body in his grandfather's garage in broad daylight, himself covered in blood from the fight, and Sorenson's gun laying on the floor-- seemed incomprehensible in that moment. What occurred next was an absolute lapse in judgement by scared teenagers attempting to cover up a horrific event by trying to clean up and hide the identity of Sorenson's remains. There is no question that Sorenson's remains were badly mutilated when they were discovered. This is exactly what provoked the prosecutor into carelessly labeling Sorenson’s death a “Thrill Kill" and unleashing the breathless, sensational media coverage that followed. And, while the details of the story are shocking, the things that actually led up to Sorenson's death give context both to what happened in the garage on November 7th and why JP was genuinely fearful of retaliation. Within days of JP being arrested and held in Wayne County jail, he received death threats from several individuals who were also locked up who had been associates of Sorenson, including one of Sorenson's cousins. The threats were credible enough for the jail to place JP into protective custody. It is now known that Sorenson had many cohorts who were convicted felons who were implicated in some of the other incidents involving Sorenson's other victims. A miscarriage of justice It is necessary to explain this story publicly because, despite access to much of the information provided here, no attention has ever been given to any of the facts leading up to Sorenson's death. No mention was ever made of the fact that Sorenson was well-documented as a dangerous predator who inspired real fear in the individuals he preyed on. Due to reasons of bias, which were established by the court after the trial, the admission of evidence regarding Sorenson’s violent nature, among other pertinent information, were not allowed at JP's trial. When a complete version of the facts is reviewed, it is apparent that Sorenson’s death was not the result of a “Thrill Kill,” but rather an event created by his own doing. That is to say, Sorenson was not “lured” to his death, but came to JP’s grandfather’s home deliberately for a second time expecting to extort money from a high school boy at gunpoint. Unfortunately, this story was not allowed to be told in court nor published by the press. While there is much more information and numerous other factors that undoubtedly affected the outcome of the case, it is our sincerest hope that this information helps answer many of the questions people have concerning JP Orlewicz and the death of Daniel Vincent Sorenson.

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