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Congressman Leo J Ryan and the Jonestown Massacre

The United States needs to relearn our history and have Leo Ryan Day on Black Friday in November. Leo Ryan was a hero that fought in World War II but also he fought against Jim Jones and his abuses at Peoples Temple and Jonestown. Like today we are finding ourselves fighting the issues over people being abused into taking the Kool-Aid but in this case he fought for progressive issues and showed that being too dependent on 1 leader can get you killed. Also Leo Ryan Showed that polarizing politics have caused people to join cults at some point in its history. If we have the Leo Ryan Day Approved then more people especially the current generation will learn how abuse of power have ended in a worse case scenario.

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Awareness of Peoples Temple In 1977 Ryan heard from Sammy Houston, an old friend whose son had quit Jim Jones' Peoples Temple and died shortly afterward. Houston had been unable to contact his daughter-in-law or grandchildren in Jonestown, the Peoples Temple’s settlement in the South American country of Guyana. Ryan then learned of Deborah Layton Blakey’s affidavit attesting to a prison camp atmosphere and threats of mass suicide at Jonestown. It was time for another fact-finding mission. “The Bad Guy” Arriving in Guyana with two aides, a group hoping to bring their relatives home from Jonestown, and journalists, Ryan went to the house the Temple rented in the Guyanese capital, Georgetown. “I’m the bad guy,” he announced to residents. “Anyone want to talk?” He assured them that he was open minded and only interested in hearing their stories. Going to the Source But the stories he most wanted to hear were those that only the people of Jonestown could tell. Despite Jones’ reluctance, Ryan and a limited number of his entourage flew to Port Kaituma to see Jonestown for themselves.

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