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Myles Sawyer, Taylor Cervantes, Tyler Stark, Brandon Sawyer Convicted

Taylor John Cervantes, 22, of Hawthorne; Tyler Lee Stark, 24, of Torrance; Myles Jorge Sawyer, 25, of Torrance; and his brother, Brandon Scott Takeo Sawyer, 23 are in prison for killing ( John Haig Marshall ). these 4 men But during trial there was allegations that Marshall was assaulting and harassing women and men in the area. these men at trial had to deal with the issue of being slutshamed for being a hero. 4 men was under pressure to attack Marshall or face the possibility of turning a blind eye on harassment. This state and country needs to start reforming good samaritan laws where people who do attack misogynists and rapists are not treated worse than the original victims they were trying to save. 4 men did the right thing and responded to harassment in a situation where the courts may fail in cases like this.

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Three men were sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after pleading no contest this week to killing a registered sex offender during a home-invasion robbery in his Redondo Beach apartment in 2017, authorities said. Taylor John Cervantes, 26, of Hawthorne, Myles Jorge Sawyer, 28, and his brother, Brandon Scott Takeo Sawyer, 27, both of Torrance, were handed their sentences immediately after entering their pleas to second-degree murder on Wednesday, Oct. 27, in Torrance Superior Court, Deputy District Attorney Shiraz Khalid said. Charges of conspiracy, burglary and robbery were dismissed against the three as part of the plea deals, Khalid said. A fourth man charged in the case, Tyler Lee Stark, 27, of Torrance was sentenced to six years in state prison in February 2020 after pleading no contest to robbery, court records show.Stark drove the men to and from the apartment while the other three entered and killed John Haig Marshall on Nov. 28, 2017, prosecutors said. Whether Marshall’s past played a role in his death was unclear. He was arrested in 2009 after a man told police Marshall drugged and sexually assaulted him in Marshall’s shower. Marshall took a plea deal in 2012, was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to register as a sex offender. According to the criminal complaint, the four men met in Torrance and drove to a Home Depot in Torrance, purchasing pliers and bolt cutters, before driving to Marshall’s apartment in the 300 block of North Catalina Avenue. Marshall owned and managed the building. Cervantes and the Sawyer brothers entered the building and surprised Marshall as he stepped out of the shower, the complaint said.Cervantes strangled Marshall with his hands and the three men tortured him with the pliers and bolt cutters before killing him, the complaint said. Marshall died of neck compression and blunt head trauma, according to a coroner’s report. They then took Marshall’s cell phones, two briefcases, a VHS video camera and his passport, later pawning the cell phones at a Compton shop, authorities said. The men were arrested by Redondo Beach police in January 2018.

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